Project Description

The Automotive Authority;

Deploy The Drill Sergeant

Drop down and give us 50! K50 that is. The Drill Sergeant is the first K50 in our line of K50 trucks. Command the roads, wherever they may take you, with The Drill Sergeant.

What once started as a rusted red C50 truck was built with the speed, endurance, and towing capacity to meet any challenge. Equipped with built-in jerry cans on each side and a military sand color, The Drill Sergeant looks like a badass truck that talks the talk and walks the walk. Get a move on with a 6.5 LS that commands the horsepower of America’s most legendary forces.

Furnished with power steering and power brakes, the Drill Sergeant heavy-duty superior handling can all but do an about-face in an instant. With a state-of-the-art custom suspension, you don’t need to tell it how high to jump, it already knows. Custom aluminum wheels, custom front-and-rear bumpers, and steel running boards, The Drill Sergeant is tailor-made to withstand everything from daily workloads to the roughest conditions.

It’s classic American bravery, and it’s ready to hit the road.

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Truck Specs

  • 4×4 Truck Has a 350 Motor

  • Power Steering & Brakes

  • Custom Aluminum Wheels

  • Custom Front and Rear Bumper

  • Running Boards

  • Custom Suspension

Drill Sergeant Gallery

Truck featured is uniquely customized.  Yours may be customized in a completely different manner.