Project Description

The Powerful. The Ponderosa.

Surrounded by alpine mountains and towering evergreen trees, we built the Ponderosa. This project brought our passion for building custom-never-built crew cabs to Chevrolet’s 1964 to 1966 truck. Cut with the same clean lines and classic look, the Ponderosa offers the nostalgic Chevrolet physique with all the extras. The Ponderosa is built to be a head-turner, a show-stopper, and an absolute machine. 

When you purchase a Ponderosa, it’s your truck – your choice. With endless options for drive train, interiors and more, we want to make this truck your own. From exploring the mountains to towing a boat, the Ponderosa has the strength, endurance, and comfort for your journey.

550 Horsepower Under The Hood
Under the hood, you’ll find the 12 Valve Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine. The Ponderosa is also equipped with a NV4500 Transmission, BD Diesel three-piece manifold and turbocharger, and NP205 transfer case. 

Endurance-Focused Design
Trucks should do truck things, so we built a truck to withstand the toughest terrains and trips. The 4WD Ponderosa comes equipped with a 60-gallon fuel cell to meet the demands of long journeys. The Offroad Design front high-steer system, traction bars, and Bilstein 6100 Series Shocks with remote reservoir and dual shocks at all 4 corners allow a smooth ride on the most rugged roads.

Revolutionary 4-Door Configuration
GMC’s 67-72 generation of trucks did not offer a 4-door option. That’s where we come in. We converted the cab to create a comfortable 4-door configuration.

’66 GMC Buddy Bucket Seats
The Ponderosa is packed with comfortable features to make every ride remarkable. Stretch out and relax with plenty of legroom and sink into the cozy 66’ GMC sport bucket seats. These classic seats provide plenty of cushion and support to welcome you after a long day’s work as you cruise down the highway.

Classic Colors & Chrome
Embrace the classic paint style with the matching interior in the Ponderosa. The Ponderosa is painted with the General Motors’ classic “Light Green” color with white and chrome accents. 

Undeniable Wow-Factor
When it comes to the Ponderosa, you’ll find unstoppable utility and unique design that turns heads. Don’t worry, hearing “nice truck” everywhere you go never gets old.

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Truck Specs

  • 66′ Crew Cab Dually

  • 5.9L 12-Valve Cummins

  • BD Diesel Three-piece Manifold and Turbocharger

  • Dana 60 Front Axle/Dana 70 Rear Axle

  • AMP Research Powerstep Retractable Running Boards

Ponderosa Gallery


Truck featured is uniquely customized.  Yours may be customized in a completely different manner.